That which is done locally, is done better

~ James Spillane

Defending the Constitution
Bringing You Smaller Government
Lower Taxes, and Greater Prosperity!
James Spillane - State Representative 2018-2020

To My Constituents:
I was first elected to represent the people of Nottingham, Deerfield, and Candia in November 2014, and I am proud of the way I have brought our fight to Concord. My voting record is an exemplary one, displaying my alignment as a Constitutional Conservative. I have voted time and again to keep Concord out of our wallets, keep the United States and New Hampshire Constitutions inviolate and whole, and with straightforward integrity. In 2016 I faced re-election and a challenge against a well-funded Democrat opponent, but I was up for any challenge put before me to continue fighting for the people of Rockingham 2, and for New Hampshire. With your help, we had success once again in 2018! As always, I am here to answer questions or concerns. I respond to all my email, as you may know if you have written me with concerns over the last term. Thank you for your support!

James Spillane

Candia • Deerfield • Nottingham