House members honor recently retired sergeant-at-arms for two decades of service

Walter Sword started as a doorkeeper in 1999.

CONCORD, N.H. — One of the most trusted people at the New Hampshire State House got a heartfelt final sendoff Monday.

Gov. Chris Sununu and other state leaders recognized former House Sergeant-at-arms Walter Sword for his many years of service maintaining order, decorum and security on the House floor.

Sword started as a doorkeeper in 1999. He was first elected sergeant-at-arms in 2008 and served until he stepped down in January.

“Rob Johnson told me he’d take a chance on me being a doorkeeper,” Sword said. “He said he’d cross his fingers and see what happened. And after all those years, he can uncross his fingers.”

Sword was known to bellow “Roll call!” to bring the representatives into the House chamber for votes.

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