Write a Letter

Write a letter to the editor of these newspapers for publication explaining why you would like to see James Spillane elected as your State Representative and why others should vote for him as well.

Concord Monitor
Email: Concord Monitor
Snail Mail: Concord Monitor, P. O. Box 177, Concord, NH 03302
Fax: 603.224.8120
250 Words

Email: Forum News
Snail Mail: The Forum, PO Box 476, Deerfield, NH 03037

Hookset Banner
Email: Hooksett Banner
Snail Mail: Neighborhood News Inc.,1662 Elm Street, Suite 100, Manchester, NH 03101
Fax: 603.206.7810

Rockingham News
Email: Rockingham News
Snail Mail: Rockingham News, PO Box 1104, Hampton, NH 03842
Fax: 603.772.3830

Union Leader
Email: Union Leader
Snail Mail: UL, Letters to the Editor, P. O. Box 9555 Manchester, 03108-9555
200 Words