Bills Sponsored

Over the last two years, 12 bills that James Spillane either sponsored or co-sponsored have been passed and signed into law by the Governor.

Prime Sponsor:
HB169-FN Relative to limits on wagers in charitable games of chance. Raises the bet limit from $4 to $10 to keep up with inflation.

HB1286 Relative to fishing and hunting licenses for permanently disabled veterans. Provides a 50% discount on lifetime hunting and fishing licenses for NH Veterans who are 80%-99% disabled, and leaves untouched the free lifetime license for veterans disabled 100%.

HB1575 Permitting hunting with an air rifle. Removed the status of NH as being the only state in the nation where hunting with an air rifle was illegal, and allows for hunting of small game and furbearers with an air rifle.

HB358-FN Relative to loitering restrictions on premises of liquor licensees. Repeals the statute that allowed for prosecution of “Loitering for an illegal purpose”, which was being abused to fine the owners of cigar shops who allowed people to smoke cigars inside the shop…an act the legislature refused to make illegal.

HB458 Relative to motorcycle headlamps. Removed restrictions on the “color” of motorcycle headlamps, allowing them to be the same as any other motor vehicle is allowed to use.

HB151 Establishing a committee to study the feasibility of using hemp in agricultural and industrial purposes.

HB305 Clarifying Lessee liability in month-to-month leases.

HB1347 Relative to information to be included in the minutes under the right-to-know law.

HB178 Establishing a committee to study process to resolve right-to-know complaints.

HB354-FN-A-L Making the appropriate to the department of education to provide additional adequate education payments to certain municipalities. ***** This bill returned almost $400,000.00 to the town of Nottingham *****

HB409 Relative to the university system of NH and community college system of NH operating budgets.

SB12-FN *************CONSTITUTIONAL CARRY**************